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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Summary of Alpine Ascents' Dispatches

For your reading pleasure I have collected and ordered the official dispatches of our trip from Alpine Ascents (

Team VII: 1/4/2010
Greetings! Team 7 has arrived in Mendoza with all gear and had a traditional Argentine dinner last night. Today we will get our permits, drive to Penitentes & spend the night at the hotel Ayelen, then begin our 3 day trek to Plaza Argentina base camp tomorrow. We look forward to beginning our hike up the Vacas Valley tomorrow, and hopefully will spot some condors and guanacos along the way!
- Garrett Madison & Kajsa Krieger

Team VII: 1/6/2010
Alpine Ascents cybercast for Team VII Aconcagua, this is Garrett Madison and Kajsa Krieger on January 6th. Today we have reached Casa de Piedra camp in the Vacas Valley, our second day on the trek. Everybody is doing great except for Chris who has decided to head back today, he back in Penitents tonight and will be headed on to Mendoza. Tomorrow we are going to head up the Relinchos Valley and arrive at Plaza Argentina base camp. We had a hamburger dinner tonight and we are looking forward to a nice day tomorrow, it has been hot and sunny. Everybody else is doing well here on Team VII, we will check in tomorrow.

Team VII: 1/7/2010
Hi Garrett Madison and Kajsa Krieger calling in from base camp with Team VII Aconcagua, everybody is doing great; that is Jason, Gosia, Kurt, James, Michael and Stephen. We are going to take a rest day tomorrow and we just had a great dinner, the weather is good, it is a little windy, a little breezy here. We will check in with you tomorrow, cheers.

Team VII: 1/8/2010
Hi this is Team VII checking in from base camp on Aconcagua. It is a beautiful sunny day, everyone is hanging outside and music is in the air. We had a morning hike to the headwaters of the Relinchos River and then a delicious pasta lunch with yet more steak. Our afternoon session of yoga and abdominal exercises will certainly prepare us for tomorrow’s carry up to camp I. All is well, until tomorrow ciao.

Team VII: 1/9/2010
Hi this Team VII, Aconcagua Garrett Madison and Kajsa Krieger calling in from Plaza Argentina base camp. Today we made our first foray up the mountain and carried a load to camp I and cached it there, tomorrow our plan is to move up to camp I and spend the night, looking forward to carry the following day to camp II. The weather is beautiful here and all team members are doing great.

Team VII: 1/11/2010
Hello today is Monday January 11th calling in for Aconcagua Team VII today we made a carry up to our camp II at Ameghino Col at 17,500 feet. It was a pretty windy day, probably reaching 50 mph up at the Col but we managed to get all of our loads up there to our camp and cached them. Now we are back in our tents at camp I relaxing about to enjoy some cheese and crackers and hot soup. Everyone is doing great here, we are acclimatizing well and it is sunny warm and we will just hope that the wind dies down here in the next couple of days. We will check in soon.

Team VII: 1/13/2010
Greetings today is January 13th this is Garrett Madison calling in with Aconcagua Team VII. Today we moved up to our second camp at Ameghino Col, we had a great day, not much wind and sunshine. We made it up to the Col in about five hours. We have now set up camp and had a snack of hot drinks and soup and now we are cooking dinner, we are going to have dinner and go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to carry up to camp III, tomorrow should be a big day for us. We are suppose to have a couple of really nice days coming up, low winds and lots of sunshine so we are looking forward to that. A message from Kurt Hunter he has a blog going at He is posting things from our team as well and he has some interesting information regarding our location and some tidbits from our days as well. Everybody is doing great. Check in with you soon bye.

Team VII: 1/14/2010
It is Thursday, January 14 this is Garrett Madison and Kajsa Krieger calling in for Team 7 Aconcagua, today we made a carry up to our camp III and then returned back to camp II. We are tucked in our tents now and it is snowing quite a bit, we are getting about six inches of accumulation. So tomorrow our plan is to move up to camp III and then take a rest day, we will check in with you soon.

Team VII: 1/15/2010
Its Friday January 15th this is Garrett and Kajsa calling in from camp III. Everyone made it here today, we set up the tents, had a snack and hot drinks and now we are getting ready for dinner and bed time. Tomorrow is a rest day and the following day we plan to move to high camp, camp IV at Black Rocks. Again everybody is doing well, the weather is good, we had a little bit of snow today which makes for a nice contrast in the mountains. One of our friends, and Alpine Ascents’ guides Lhawang Dhondup has made a guest appearance in our tent to bring us some hot Sherpa tea, thank you Lhawang.

Team VII: 1/17/2010
Hi this is Garrett Madison calling in for Team VII Aconcagua, we have arrived at high camp, camp IV. We have had dinner and we are now going to bed. Tomorrow the weather looks favorable so we are going to go for the summit tomorrow. The following day the winds are suppose to increase significantly so we are hoping to get in our summit tomorrow and then descend the following day. We will give you a call tomorrow, on Monday to let you know how our summit attempt has gone, talk to you soon.

Team VII: 1/18/2010
Greetings friends, family and loved ones this is Team VII Aconcagua calling to check in, Garrett Madison and Kajsa Krieger. Today was our summit day and we reached the top along with James, Mike and Gosia. It was a pretty windy day, cold temperatures, snow and white out conditions. It was very challenging conditions many teams on the mountain, many climbers ended up turning around today but we are all back in camp, safe. We just had a hot dinner and tomorrow we are going to go to bed and descend all the way down to Plaza de Mulas base camp and the following day hike out to Penitentes. Thanks for following along.

Team VII: 1/20/2010
Greetings today is January 20th this is Team VII Aconcagua, calling in for the final cybercast. We reached Plaza de Mulas last night and a wonderful dinner and a good night sleep. Today we are hiking out to the trailhead.

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