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Monday, January 18, 2010

Summit Day Update

Climbers Mike and James just returned with guide Garrett after successfully tagging the summit in a round trip of just 7 hours (typical is about 10)!!

Both Mike and James had nothing but great things to say about Garrett's guiding skills. He was top notch especially considering the poor conditions of strong winds and snow. Mike described it as the hardest day of climbing in his life. James said their wasn't a moment the whole day where he didn't consider turning back. But they didn't and they are summit heroes.

Climber Gosia and guide Kajsa are still going at it, were about a hour behind the others and had hooked up with an climbing group in the deteriorating conditions.

Here at Camp 4 it has been super windy all day, in fact, one of my tent poles broke in two. Now that Garrett is back, he has a repair kit and we are going to see about fixing it as we batten down for tonight's last night at high camp. Snow has just started as well.

Another update when our female contingent returns to camp.


Sandy Harms said...

Congratulations to Mike & James (and your guides, too!) Fantastic accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

All the best to you, your team mates and the guides. Be safe on the return trip. I hope your stomach is feeling better. You'll keep us posted on the way down right?

Barbara said...

Congratulations Mike! Happy to hear you've reached the summit! Travel safely down the're in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya,
Aunt Barb