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Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Enroute

ReLAXing through another 4 hour layover at LAX. At least I'm in the right time zone and back in the good old USA. Made it through Customs once again without any eyebrows going up. I think they knew better than to open those bags with climbing clothes carring three weeks of ode de Kurt on them. Leslie: get the gasoline and matches ready.


Harriett said...

Once again, Kurt, my appreciation for your terrific narrative, taking us along with you. Although it was a tough climb, it looked like you had a great team and managed to have fun along the way. Steve arrived on time in San Jose and looks great. Hope all arrived home safely, and are looking forward to a few days of R& R.

Harriett (Steve's mom)

tracy said...

Hey Kurt-
When I spoke with Leslie the other day I wasn't going to mention the fact that you were probably already planning the next ascent, but alas I think you had already crossed that line! You have obviously traveled with a great team, and I look forward to stalking you on the next escapade! Safe trip home to all, and all my best to your family-we'll be in touch.