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Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Longer Roughing It

My tentmate Steve maintains his Admiral's Club membership and now Mike  and I are his guests here in Santiago, Chile for our layovers that  range from 3 to 4.5 hours. Mine being the longest. Gosia is  somewhere in the airport sorting out her flights and will hopefully  join us soon. The four of us were all on the same, short flight from  Mendoza. Andes were socked in with clouds and we were unable to bid  Cerro Aconcagua farewell visually.

From here Steve goes to San Jose via Dallas. Mike goes to Boston via  Miami. Gosia goes to St. Louis via Atlanta. And I return to sunny  Seattle, Washington via Los Angeles. It's the true parting of the  fellowship. We were sad that we were unable to see James who rode a  bus across the Andes today to fly on to Torronto from Santiago. Our collective real-worlds are close now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, as a member of Team Aconcagua110, I have to say Muchas Gracias Mi Hermano y Mi Amigo!

Kurt, wise climbers/guides have told us that "the summit is only half-way..."

This blog and this experience have given me something so much bigger and more important than the summit!

It's the collection of shared memories and events that have not only brought us together but touched and shaped each of our lives - mine especially, in a very empowering way.

Thank You again - not just for taking the time to produce this journal but for your beautiful companionship and heart-warming Friendship!

Tu Hermano - Tu Amigo,

ps-now at Santiago airport after significant delays crossing the AR-CH border yesterday.