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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moderator Carl makes notes for blog followers.

Carl the blog moderator here. Spoke to Kurt today briefly via sat phone this afternoon, amazingly clear connection. Kurt sounded like he's having a blast with the nice weather and I'm guessing good company. Just to address a few blog comments:
  • Kurt isn't seeing the blog, he's only sending in the posts, but he'll read all these comments of well wishes etc. upon his return to civilization. Keep them coming! There's also a weather link on the right side of the blog if you want to monitor mountain/trail conditions.
  • The map automatically resets after X amount of time based on Kurt's programing design. As he hikes the view is set up to "follow" their track. It's not a ghost moving the view.
  • Keep spreading the word about this great blog, its quick and fun to read I've found and I'm one who always thought "how do people have time to read a $%^@(%^$ blog?" Post the comments on Facebook send it to friends whoever you think might get a kick out of it...let's have an ego feast for Kurt to celebrate his return.


Leslie said...

Hey Carl, You are the Man!! Your moderator skills are excellent.
I spoke with Kurt today too and he sounds amazing!! He sounds so pumped up and excited.
I'm getting lots of comments from friends who are totally into reading his blog and check it many times during the day.
Kurt is gonna be so happy to read all the posts when he returns.
Can't wait for tomorrows posts.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, Danpl here. This is so cool. Nice work. Be sure to let me know when you're back so we can chat -- I'll buy the hot cocoa.

Janet said...

Carl, thanks for the update on Kurt. We can't believe all the fantastic high tech equipment that Kurt has put together. Let's us feel like we are right there with him.
Janet & Denny (Kurt's parents)