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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mendoza is Nice!

Been checked into the Sheraton Mendoza Hotel for a few hours now.  Just found my way down to the business center to make use of their free internet on Windows computers.  I arrived Mendoza with one other climber and we were met by Garrett from Alpine Ascents, our lead guide.  A quick taxi from the airport found us at the hotel.  I haven't been back outside to grab a location with the SPOT tracking device so just in case you are wondering, I'm not still in Santiago.

Garrett came up to my room and ran the standard gear check.  To use Leslie's line:  "it looks like a Mountain Hardwear store exploded in my hotel room."  Everything is a go and most of the gear is now packed away again.  Now that that is completed, I have the next five hours free before we met up with the two guides and the rest of the climbers.  Two people had to bail out so we will be a team of 7 climbers and 2 guides.  I pretty happy about that.  Another side benefit was that one of the guys who couldn't make it was going to be a roommate at the hotel so now I've got my own room for the night.

As soon as I get my latest pictures uploaded, I'm going for a swim in the super nice hotel pool.  Life is good.

I'll try to get another post off tonight and/or tomorrow before we head to the hill!

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