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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet the Climbers: Steve

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Age: 56

Climbing Experience:
  • Mt. Rainier summit '08
  • Mt. Shasta attempt '08, summit, '09
  • Mt. Whitney summit '09
Steve's Personal Message: Greetings to family and friends. Having a rest day here on the mountain at 15,400 feet. The experience has been great, the mountain awesome and the climbing team could not be better. Miss and love you all, I cannot wait to tell you about it in person.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt. Rachel here and I am just in awe of this whole thing you have going on here. The website is so slick and it is really cool to be able to track daily how you are doing. Leslie is doing great and only has 4 or 5 more pairs of glasses since you left (ha ha):) Above all I am so happy that you are feeling well and having such a great experience. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer said...

Hi Dad (Steve)~

Not sure if you're going to get this, but we miss you too and hope that you are having a great time!!

Love you!

Jen and family

Anonymous said...

Hey steve, baby sister here thinking about and admiring her big brother. I love you and know you are having the time of your life! Xoxo