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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet the Climbers: Mike

Climbing Nickname: Mr. Nasty

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 26

Climbing Experience:
  • Mt. Elbrus summit '09
  • Mt. Washington multiple summits
Climbing Goals: The Seven Summits as a fund raiser for Save the Children. Donation website available soon.

Mike's Personal Message: Having a blast so far. Great climbing crew. Couldn't ask for anything more. This is what it is all about! My love to Mom, Dad, and Tom.


Barbara said...

Mike, You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Stay safe and tell that wind to knock it off! I love you ")
Aunt Barbara

Barbara said...

Way to exercise at 13,800 feet Mike!
You the man ") Hugs ~ Aunt Barb

Cathy said...

Mike -

Thinking of you! Stay safe


ann marie said...

Hi Mike

I did not know how to send you a message so Tina showed me. Please stay safe. I love you and miss you and I know you are happy and having a great time. Cannot wait to see you.

All my love

ann marie said...

Hi Mike

Thinking of you a lot. I pray the weather holds out for your summit climb. Looking for ward to seeing you and hearing all about your exciting adventure. Good luck this weekend.

All my love

blood poems and tears said...

Hey Mikey its your bro. Mom just told me there was an Earthquake down off the coast of Argetina. Im saying prayers that your safe. Love you Tom

Sue Benizio said...

Michael: We are so impressed with your accomplishment! We are going to write that article when you safely return - you'll be a hero in Westport, that's for sure!
Of course, you'll have some explaining to do about your nickname, "Mr. Nasty!"
Congrats - we are really proud of you. Sue and Ron

Tina said...

Great Job!! I am so proud of you!
Be safe coming down.
thinking of you.

John said...

My Mike

I am so proud of you. Please get down safely and I am so looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about this 'Excellent Adventure" Love you so much


John said...

Mikey. Unbelievably proud of you. Look forward to seeing you. Mom is going to have you fitted for an ankle bracelet. You and your team are awsome!!!! Dad

John said...

Dear Mike

Please give Garret a big hug from me for getting you safely up to the summit and back.


totney said...

Hey Mike, way to go! Keep safe, we're thinkin' of you.

Totney & Rick

leslie said...

Hey Mike,
You don't know me personally, but you sure know my husband Kurt! I just wanted to thank you for helping him the last few hours of his descent down Aconcagua. It was very nice of you to climb back up and offer to carry his backpack. You are one awesome young man! Congratulations on your summit too!