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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet the Climbers: Kurt

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

Age: 46

Climbing Experience:
  • Mt. Rainier summit '04, '05, '06
  • Mt. Adams summit '05
  • Seattle Mountaineers Basic Climbing Course graduate '06
  • Mt. Shuksan summit '06
  • Guye Peak summit '06
  • South Early Winter Spire summit '06
  • Mt. Hood summit '07
  • Mt. Baker summit '07
  • Denali expedition '08 (reached high camp 17,400 ft.)
Kurt's Personal Message: I would like to send my love to Leslie, Stuart, and Scott (aka Seth) and the rest of my family. I would also like to send my thanks to everyone at PRO Sports Club and to Dr. Freidman at Virginia Mason. I'm feeling great and loving every minute (including last night's 70 mph wind storm)!! And to everyone: follow your dreams to higher places.


tracy said...

So when does a tent become a kite? Stay low my friend. Wishing you all less breezy days in the future. Thanks for the bio's on all your team. How about the guides?

Leslie said...

What a great climbing resume my dear! You look great! Great idea to introduce all the climbers--what an awesome story and it seems like you are gaining life long friends!
Love you,

Mom & Dad said...

You are amazing and sure have come along way. I can remember when you were around 5 or 6 walking up hill from Seacliff Beach to Safeway and
before reaching the over pass you sat down on the sidewalk and said "This is as far as I'm going."
Be safe and follow your dream to the top.
Your proud parents, Mom & Dad

Adam Berns said...


You're looking' good dude! ...though you could use a shave. :-)
Stay well!


Suetank1 said...

So proud of you and your tenacity.