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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet the Climbers: Gosia

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Age: 32

Climbing Experience:
  • Kilimanjaro summit '07
  • Mt. Elbrus attempt '08, summit '09
  • Mt. Baker summit '09
Gosia's Personal Message: First of all, don't worry about me! I'm having a great time, I'm safe, healthy, surrounded by wonderful people and not doing anything stupid. :-) Big kiss to Andy, give Everest and Kitty Kat a pat from me! Love you all and miss you, can't wait to see you again to tell you all the great details!


Andy Borchardt said...

Hey Baby! Just finding out about this. Tt's a shame aout Chris, now who's going to look after you. hehe. Love you lots, Go Strong!

Andy Borchardt said...

Glad to see you still going. Chris emailed me he is doing OK. Don't worry about kitty Kat she is swimming with the new sharks. LOL Keep up the hard work I know you can do this. Love Always

Andy borchardt said...

Way to go baby! It looks really cool wish I could be there. I can always see you by the bumble bee suit.

MB said...

Hey Gosia!! Good Luck!!!
Hope you are staying warm and cozy on that mountain
Be Safe and Have Fun of Course!

Andy Borchardt said...

Great Job Gosia, I just watched you move into camp III. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow. Miss you very much. I'll be watching your summit!!!!

jan said...

Hi Gosia,

Hope you are having fun! Good luck and be careful. It is so cool to be able to follow your progress.
Jack says Hi as well.

Linda B said...

Hey Gosia,
I tried to send a message a few days ago, but Andy said it didn't go through. I've been keeping track of your climb. Very Interesting! Please be safe. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Andy Borchardt said...

Hey Babe! I hope you are with the rest of the team. Your Spot was not set up right today (Mountain air)Anyway hope you made it and are doing fine. I will continue to watch to see your summit. I would say good luck but your better than that. Love You

Andy said...

It's me again, I just want to tell you how proud I am for you. I wish and hope I can be with you moving forward in these climbs, you are an imspiration!! Love you SO much.

Andy Borchardt said...

I just recieved news of your summit. Great Job I am so Proud of you. I was following on the "spot" but it stops working at 21325 feet so I was worried all day. Conditions didn't seeem to good but I knew you could handle it. I hope to hear from you soon. Love always Andy

Andy said...

I just spoke with your parents, they said Congrats and come home soon. Everyone is very happy for you.

Andy said...

Hey Babe. I was not able to watch your desent today. You left your 'spot" on all night and did not set it right today (mountain air). I hope every thing is fine. Enjoy your few days off and rest if possible. Look forward to seeing you soon!
Love Andy

Kristina said...

Hi Gosia!! Guess who this is? :D Kristina! Your Mom told me about this site :) Man, it looks so exciting..I should take up climbing too..what's the shortest mountain in the world? LOL probably still too high for me :D hehe. We all miss you and keep up with your adventures through Mom :) Take care! Muah! <3 Btw, congrats on summit #3(?) !! :)