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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11 update from Carl the moderator

We're apparently having some transmission issues for the blog. Leslie, Kurt's amazing wife spoke with Kurt a few hours ago and despite Kurt saying he sent the most recent blog posting it hasn't posted yet as it should have.

But for all those daily readers here's the latest: Kurt has successfully made the trip to camp 2 dropped gear and then returned to camp 1. All of this with 60 mph winds! Kurt's hit his personal elevation record (~17700 feet) and is feeling good. The last few hundred feet below Camp 2 gusts forced Kurt to his hands and knees at times to make forward progress. This was the wildest weather he's ever experienced. Those climbing groups up higher on the mountain couldn't successfully summit today do to the high winds and blowing snow, wind chill about minus 40F. Kurt is still feeling great and looking forward to continuing up the mountain to camp 2 tomorrow. Winds are forecasted to decrease over the rest of the week so I'm crossing my fingers Kurt has mild winds for his summit push which will hopefully occur over this time next week.


tracy said...

Glad to hear the winds will die down. Hope the sleeping bags are cozy and warm. Good luck!

Leslie said...

Once again, after Carl posted his moderator blog, my phone kept ringing! Big thank you's to you Carl for keeping everyone up to date. You are very special to Kurt and I, but you already know that.
You are the greatest and we appreciate you so so much.
Love, Leslie

Julie said...

It's very fun to read all of these posts, Kurt, as I will be on AAI's Team IX. Best of luck!