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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 12 - Rest Day at Camp 3

The title of this post explains exactly what I did today: rest. We all slept in, had a breakfast of reconstituted powered eggs and tortillas, and then after taking our photo ops of the spectacular morning, headed back to the tents for a little down time.

Just before lunch we donned our crampons and ice axes for a little practice, as we need need this gear for tomorrow's traverse to Camp 4 (our high camp at 20,600 ft.) - higher than the top of Denali.

About this time, the weather turned to wind and clouds which seems to be the typical weather pattern. The guides once again delightfully served us lunch of Ramón in our tents. I spent the afternoon in the tent reading and dozing while some of the others continued their Hearts card tournament. Dinner of pasta was again served in our tents. And now as I type this some of the others are back at their cards.

Yesterday was a difficult climb for me personally as I believe I was starting to feel some of the symptoms of AMS (acute mountain sickness). This is pretty typical and as a precaution I started on some Diamox today. In the end I only rolled into camp about 15 minutes behind the others - all of whom are continuing to performing excellently.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow's move to high camp. The weather forecast is looking good for our shot at the summit on Monday!


Leslie said...

It was so nice to be able to talk with you today Tootz. I hope that the medicine that you have started helps relieve some of the sickness you are feeling. You have a couple more tough days ahead of you and I know you can push through and make it. Be safe, make smart choices and kick some butt!! I love you more than ever and I am smiling just thinking about you.

DAD said...

Hi..We hope the meds. set you back to norm real quick and know it will be on to a safe and healthy climb...Lots of Love from DAD&MOM

Franklin Loehde said...


Looks like you will definitely make it with my son Jason alongside. A great adventure for you all and certainly wish that I was up there with you. Will see you in Mendoza with the wine, for sure.

Congratulations on a great blog and the hours that took to cram it with all the information it provides.

Franklin Loehde

tracy said...

I hope the weather stays calm for you on this ascent to Camp 4. We are all cheering you and your team on, and are anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Scott Hunter said...

Good Luck on your final push dad! I know you'll find the strength and willpower to make it to the top. And whatever happens remember I'm very proud of you, not only because of what you have accomplished and what you still strive to do, but because you have reached heights on your own two feet that I can only hope to achieve (I mean that in the literal, altitude sense and in the metaphorical sense). I love you, good luck.

Cris said...

Love the photo... looking forward to seeing it in a large size.