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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 11 - Move to Camp 3 (19,200 ft.!!)

Really tough day today moving from Camp 2 to Camp 3. The day dawned to bright blue skies and a two inch dusting of snow. The blue sky didn't last long and it has been snowing at a pretty good clip all today. Not like a bizzard, but more like the Seattle drizzle in the form of icy snow crystals.

Thank goodness we have a rest day tomorrow to get used to the high altitude.

Because of the snow, I didn't take any photos enroute or at camp. But attached is one I just snapped of my tent mate Steve and I so you can see our beards.

I'll give you the full details tomorrow during our rest day.

Over and out for tonight,


Leslie said...

You and Steve look great with your facial hair! I'm glad you have a rest day to catch your breath and enjoy your surroundings (if that is at all possible). I got your beautiful flowers today--they are gorgeous and everyone in the office at Occhio thinks you are just "dreamy"!
Smiling with a huge grin!
Love you,

Steve said...

Really amazing Kurt.
Good luck with the final stages.

Pat said... continue to inspire all...I think I will grow a beard now since I'm afraid to climb BIG mountains! Great luck on your continued journey to the top...Say Hello to the VanTrapp Family...oh wait, wrong Continent! Never Mind!!

tracy said...

At least we are not hearing about any wind up there, so perhaps a little snow isn't so bad. I have passed your blog onto yet another friend who has a daughter studying the mountains you are climbing! Talk about serendipity-I bet this kid will get an A on her project now! Keep on trucking.