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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 10 - Carry to Camp 3

The last of our carries was completed today meaning from here on out it's all vertical movement up to the summit. Today we carried a cache up to Camp 3 located at the base of the Polish Glacier at 19,200 ft., the highest elevation ever for me and several other members of the team. Although only just over 3 hours of travel time, the 1,700 ft. gain was pretty tough starting at 17,500 ft. However, we zipped back down to Camp 2 in just 45 minutes.

The photo was taken at about 18,800 ft. and very light snow had started to fall. It followed us up to Camp 3 and all the way back to Camp 2. Last night was quite calm but the temperature dropped to 17 degrees and we experienced interior tent frost and some frozen water bottles for the first time. I had anticipated this and slept with all my electronics and water bottles inside my sleeping bag. Certainly not the most comfortable, but such is mountain life.

Tomorrow we will make that same climb again as we move to Camp 3. The following day is a rest day at Camp 3 and then we will be in the home stretch... A single move to Camp 4 and possible summit attempt and next day. We are close now.

Getting a little burned out on climbing food, tonight for dinner, I asked "How come we can't ever have just like a salad?" And I was told, "Be grateful Juan Pablo. Tonight is especially delicious."


Leslie said...

I check for updates all day long and get super excited when I see you have written to us all! I am so very proud of you that I can't stop smiling. Everyone is always asking about you and checking your website too. We are all hooked on it!!
You are almost to the top--Go for it Babe. I love you to the moon--seems like you're on the moon right now!

Les said...

Ahhh. Great movie quote once again. You are taking over for Carl with the movie quotes I see.
Classic, Nacho Libre! Would you like to come up to my quarters for some toast?? I bet you'd like some hot toast right about now!
I'm still smiling....

Barb Gordon said...

I'm reading every day too. GO Kurt GO! Be safe, have fun.

tracy said...

Fantastic journey so far, and looking forward to the next phase. So the food isn't cutting it huh? Where are the porcelain and sterling place settings?!
So how is the wardrobe managing? If you had footie jammy jams it could've kept the electronics warm, I'm just saying-something to think about next time.
Happy Trails,

Darla Fagan said...

I'm watching you every day too! I love seeing where you are and how far you've gone. Your updates are great! Who needs reality TV right? I know you'll go all the way! Take care of yourself and enjoy every moment (I'm sure you are doing that)! Thanks for the updates!

Adam Berns said...

"...we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard - and the others too."