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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 09 - Move to Camp 2 (17,500 ft.)

Today we made the move to Camp 2 and boy what a difference a couple of days makes. It was absolutely beautiful today and little to no wind. Guide Garrett said this is about the best day he has ever seen at Camp 2.

The trip up was uneventful, we did get to visit for a few minutes on a break with our friends from Base Camp as they were camped at the "normal" Camp 1. Our guide service, Alpine Ascents, uses four camps between Base Camp and the summit, where as most others use three camps. Our Camp 3 is the same as the others Camp 2. It makes it much easier, I think. It was one of the reasons I choose Alpine Ascents.

Some cloud cover rolled over the summit after we arrived which is typical for afternoons of nice sunny days. We hung around this moonscape for a while, had some snacks, and then retrieved to our tents.

Tonight will set personal records for high altitude sleeping for most of us. For me I believe high camp on Denali was just a hundred feet lower. Tomorrow we will hit 19,200 ft.! Just about 1,000 ft. short of Denali's summit. Wow.

I continue to feel great and all my parts are working perfectly! I feel like I'm in my element, where as Donny is way out of his element. The Dude abides.


Leslie said...

I love the fact the climb to camp 2 was uneventful. Let's hope for that the rest of the way up!
Love the Big Lebowski bit---you are always so funny! Sleep well my tootz.
Love you,

DAD said...

Hi..I was so excited to hear your days news,especially after the 70mph of yesterday !! Seems your pretty well on schedule, that's fantastic!! Love and good health to you and your team, DAD&MOM

RyanHa said...

Sounds like that windstorm was crazy! I hope you had your wag bags tucked in really close so you didn't lose them ;)

Sounds like you are having a blast. I am eyeball deep in planning...