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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 06 - Move to Camp 1... Completed

Today we were all sad to say goodbye to the comforts of Base Camp: our own private dinning tent with tables and chairs and meals served to us (last night was steak and lasagna) on real plates, bowls, and glasses. And the outhouse will be missed as well. It's Wag Bags from here to Plaza de Mulas. We were issued four per person. And they are multiple use. I rather not talk about this any more. Curious? Bing "wag bag".

Today was just like yesterday except we didn't have to descent back to Base Camp. Yeah! Forward vertical progress. Camp 1, our home for three nights, sits at 15,300 ft. and it is noticeable cooler up here. That trend will continue as we head up. We just finished a fantastic dinner of pasta prepared by our guides. Everyone loved it.

The team is strong and performing well. Everyone is feeling great and really enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow we will make a carry up to Camp 2. Could be some snow travel and the possibility of using our crampons for the first time. Although an elevation gain of only about 800 ft. it will take 3-4 hours to reach Camp 2, but only 1 hour or so to come back down to Camp 1.

Some stats from today:
+low temp in tent: 31.6 degrees
+time of climb: 3:16:36
+distance: 1.8 miles
+total ascent: 1,502 ft.
+total descent: 59 ft.
+max alt: 15,300 ft.
+min alt: 13,800 ft.
+Powerbars consumed: 1

Until tomorrow, dear reader. Good night.


Leslie said...

Four Wag Bags??? This is the number one reason why I don't do these climbs with you---seriously! Enough said.
Everybody is thinking about you and your climbing group and sending positive energy.
Be safe and continue to climb strong.
Love you,

Anonymous said...


The Baron's send you our love....enjoyed reading all of your posts....feels like we're hiking with you, except we are the spa at 102 degrees and enjoying a glass of red wine.....nothing but the box, baby!

Your efforts make us all very proud....take good care and keep the oxygen flowing!

Anonymous said...

Can you see Russia from your base camp kitchen like I can?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stopped with the comments on the Wag Bags. More information then needed. We sure are enjoying your daily updates you sound so great.
Continue to be safe.
Love you, Mom & Dad

Adam Berns said...

Thanks for the frequent updates! It is great to be able to follow your progress. Stay strong and healthy.


Bennett Hornbostel said...

Hey Kurt,

Thanks for keeping a blog on your adventure. It really is quite exciting to hear what is going on in such a real-time(ish) manner. Interesting that it only got down to 31.6 degrees in the tent. That actually doesn't seem all that bad. I wonder how windy it is around there. Also, when you get back I would be curious to know how well the weather mapped to the season and if there was anything really unexpected there.

Denise said...

Hey Little Bro,
Your writing is so discriptive that I feel like I'm right there. It's been a lot of fun checking in on you everyday. I can tell that you are having the time of your life before you even say so. Climb, Kurt, Climb! Enjoy every minute!
Love, D

tracy said...

It looks less like the moon and more like a mountain with that bit of snow I see. All the best on your journey. I don't know about the others, but I feel a bit like a stalker following this ascent-it is quite fantastic though. Cheering you on the whole way!