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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 03 - Base Camp!!

Once again a great weather day.

Our first real day of elevation gain was a long one and started with a crossing of the Vacas River. Your choice: with sandals on foot through the thigh deep water or on muleback. To give you an idea, the edges of the river had ice on them. I, being the Man of Wild that I am, choose the mule ride. I did take a wonderful video however and tipped the cowboy handler 5 pesos. Call me a tourist that didn't have to thaw his feet.

The trek in is now compete and tomorrow we rest. Well earned in my book, 8.5 miles gaining 3,241 ft. in a short 7 hours and 15 minutes. Heavy packs and double carries are next order of business.

Okay, Base Camp -- Unreal! Our guide service works with a local outfitter and the outfitter has amazing set up here. As soon as we rolled into camp, we were ushered into a big tent with tables and chairs that is our private dinning room and hang out space for the next two days. Fresh juice, ham, cheese, and other snacks were spread out on the table. Super plush!

After we set up our tents we all headed back over for a great three course dinner. We are talking dishes and utensils and the whole works. I-kid-you-not. Did I mention that we are 27 miles from civilization and at 13,800 ft.??

I am having the time of my life!!


Leslie said...

Wahoooo!!! Sounds like Heaven! I can't believe you are eating in a "dining room" with real dishes. That seems pretty plush. Did the donkeys have to carry those? Enjoy your rest day and hard stuff is coming up. We love and miss you. Les and the UW Hunter Men.:)

Leslie said...

Just got off the phone with Kurt--the Sat phone sounds like he is in another room in our house! He is having the time of his life. The team is in the dining tent playing cards right now, it's 11:30pm!! He said everyone is really nice and very friendly. It's getting colder as they are traveling upward and Kurt has had to put on his down sweater and use gloves this afternoon. The energy and spunk in his voice is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The trip sounds amazing and I have to admit that I am envious of your experience. What a way to get out of a good work out at Mountain Conditioning! Enjoy your time on the mountain and be safe. -Wes

Mom & Dad said...

Hey Kurt, little did we know this was going to be a gourmet climb. Dining room, real dishes how hard can this be. We love that you are having the time of your life.
Love you Mom & Dad

Adam Berns said...

It sounds like you are really living it up! Good to see you are enjoying good weather too. Stay strong.