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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 02 - Pamas de Lenas to Casa de Piedra

Today we finished our 18.5 mile trek up with Vacas Valley with 10.2 mile day that we completed in 6 hours and 18 minutes. Another great trail lunch and boy am I feeling good!

Carbon-copy day from yesterday weather-wise, with bright blue skies, warm temperatures, and the ever present wind. I'm thankful for that wind however as it kept temps nice and pleasant.

After breakfast of tortillas and scrambled eggs (this is seriously plush) and then breaking camp, we learned that one of our group of climbers decided to call it quits as he was dealing with some health issues. He took a mule ride back to the trailhead today as we headed up. I felt really bad for him. That's a lot of training and quite an expense for a two day adventure. We are now a team of six climbers and two guides.

Dinner tonight was more Argentine beef in the form of the most tasty hamburgers I've had in a long while. Between tonight and last night I've had more beef than I've had in six years. It is sitting quite well with me but I'm hoping I don't have a heart attack. Ha!

Tomorrow we take a turn to the west and head up the Relinchos Valley to climb up to base camp. I want to go to there. It will be our first real elevation gain but we will be rewarded with a rest day. The day starts with a foot crossing of the icy Vacas River. Yahoo!

[photo of the team getting our first look at Cerro Aconcagua]


Gary Ginestra said...

Do you initiate the "spot" to transmit or is it automatic? While viewing different areas of the trek on Google Earth I know somethings up when I'm involuntarily redirected back to a new coordinate.

Anonymous said...

Hi..So happy to hear of your ideal 2nd day (except for 1 guy)..It's way cool to be able to follow along,I love it ! Thanks for making it happen...Love and good health, DAD & MOM

Anonymous said...

HI..Sounds like an ideal 2nd day..except for the poor guy that had to drop out..It's my 2nd attempt to e you today ..It's not as easy as I hoped from my easy chair.. What is your long range weather ? hank's for keeping us tuned in it's fantastic ! Love and best of health, DAD & MOM

Anonymous said...

As I said before, you're a true inspiration to create goals and follow them & your dreams, and to living well in every aspect--health & fitness. Best of luck to you, not that you need luck, but at least best wishes! I know you'll make it & will have stories to tell! Great job!!! ~Candace L.