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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 00 - Morning in Mendoza

Tomorrow is Day 01, the beginning of the trek.  After we get our business taken care of this morning in Mendoza, we will bus up to our last "hotel" in Penitentes before 19 days of camping.  Most of the rest of the day will be just hanging out and adjusting our loads.  In the morning a short drive will take us to the trailhead of Punta de Vacas at 7,900 ft. and away we go.

Might get some WiFi coverage at Penitentes, if not, the next dispatch will be via satellite phone tomorrow night after we complete our first day of treking.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...

Aconcagua110 out.


Adam Berns said...

Wish you all the best on this next climb! Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Little Bro! Your blog is outstanding, thanks for all the details. It's like I'm almost there. Have a fan-tas-tic time. Love You! D & W

Cris said...

Good luck Kurt 0 - what a fun way to start the new decade!

RyanHa said...

You da man! Good luck with the climb. Can't wait to see more pics. Though I bet they don't really translate to the real deal!