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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arrival en Chile

Good flight down from LA. Now waiting for the last flight of the day: a short 55 minute hop over the Andes into Mendoza, Agentina. Beautiful sunrise here in Santiago. Thank you free airport WiFi. I received a text from AT&T on the iPhone letting me know that cellular data roaming would be a mere $19.95 per MB. Are they joking?


park court said...

We're happy to hear you had a good flight to Chili. I'm sure you will enjoy the nice weather for the next few days. Happy climbing.
Love you, MOM

Leslie said...

Great to hear your voice this morning Tootz!You sound like you are on the top of the world!! Have a relaxing swim in your 5 Star Hotel Pool today!! Have an awesome dinner with your new climbing friends tonight and enjoy every second of your Aconcagua Adventure.
I love you, Les