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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Andes Pictures!

I've posted a bunch of photos from the trip so far to Flickr this includes some first looks of Aconcagua and cools shots of the Andes crossing from Santiago to Mendoza.

Kurt Out.  (pool time)


Gary Ginestra said...

I think it's amazing that a mountain so high is so close to a major roadway. 10 miles as the crow flies. Have great time Kurt.

Kurt Hunter said...

...and 40 miles as the Kurt walks! Thanks for the well wishes.

Gary Ginestra said...

Are you taking the Polish Glacier route? I'm assuming you're not taking the Normal route. Why go that distance and take the easy way up. OK, easy for you.

Leslie said...

Your pictures from the plane are outstanding!Are you a professional photographer, sir? Your hotel room looks really nice and the city of Mendoza looks really sweet too! I especially love the picture of your feet relaxing by the swimming pool. Those feet are gonna be really, really busy soon! Love and miss you, Les.