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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Complete Gear List

Not counting the electronics (I will deadicate a special post or two just to them), here is the complete list of gear, clothing, and food that I will carry on the expedition. Added to this will be shared group gear (things like stoves, fuel, tents, ropes, food, etc.).

Climbing Equipment
Technical Clothing
Personal Equipment
  • Large duffel bag w/ lock:  Wild Things Mule Bag
  • Smaller Duffel w/ travel lock:
  • Travel clothes
    • In Mendoza: 
    • Trek: 

  • Camera Gear:  see electronics list
First Aid
  • Small Personal First-Aid Kit:

  • Drugs/Prescriptions/Medications:
    • Pepto Bismol
    • Acetazolamide (Diamox) 125 or 250mg tabs
    • Ibuprofen 200mg tabs
    • Acetaminophen 325mg tabs

Personal Supplementary Food Items
  • Electrolyte Replacement (mix for 24L):  Nuun Active Hydration
  • Energy Gel (6 paks):  Clif Shot
  • Trail Mix (3 cups): Kurt's custom Trader Joe's mix-a-lot
  • Energy Bars (8): 
  • Beef Jerky (2 - 4 oz bags)Trader Joe's original and teriyaki
  • Hard Candy (1/2 qt. bag): 
  • Mixed Dried Fruit (1 qt. bag): 
  • String cheese (10): 

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